#1   What are the governing East Townhouses Association Documents?  Where do I find building, landscaping, and community restrictions?

You should have received or had requested the Documents from the seller at the sales closing for the Unit.  If you did not, the Documents are available for purchase from the Property Manager.  A Co-owner that has questions about Association policies, restrictions, rules, or procedure, will usually find the answers in the governing Documents.

NOTEBOOK #1 is contains the 1974 ETA Documents provided to buyers by the Developer.

Master Deed,

Condominium By-laws – ARTICLE VI -  RESTRICTIONS, Pages 18 - 28

Condominium Site Plan

Corporate By-laws

NOTEBOOK #2 contains ETA Rules and Regulations, Part I & II adopted in 2002 by the Co-owners. . .

Part I – Community Rules, Regulations, and Policies . . . SECTION E is RESTRICTIONS – Pages 15-28

Part II – STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS for Architectural and Landscaping Alterations, Pages 5-67

               Building/Unit Plans with DESIGNATED LIMITED COMMONS, Pages 76-85

               Alteration Approval Procedure and Request Form, Pages 87-88

CONDOMINIUM BY-LAWS (RESTRICTIONS), ASSOCIATION RULES AND REGULATIONS apply to all residents, family members, tenants, occupants, agents, visitors, employees and guests. 


#2.  When are my Association’s monthly fee due?  What if I am late making payment? May I set up my monthly fee payment by electronic funds transfer?

The payment of the Association monthly fee is due in full on or before the 1st of the month, and will be declared in default if not made by the 10th of the month and a $50.00 late fee shall be charged to the Unit account.  If the delinquency is not resolved promptly, the Property Manager will refer the delinquent account to the Association’s attorney for further legal action and the Attorney fees incurred will be charged against the Co-owner(s) account.

Marcus Management, Inc. is equipped to process your monthly Association fees via electronic funds transfer.  In order to utilize this service, you will have to request an Authorization Form and get enrolled, which will permit your Association Fee to be withdrawn from one of your bank accounts and deposited into the Association’s bank account.


#3   Who governs East Townhouses Association and what do they do?

The Board of Directors carry out their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the governing Documents.

There are  five Board of Directors members who are volunteer co-owners, elected by the co-owners, whose function is to oversee, with the assistance of a Property Manager, the management of the community which includes the enforcement of restrictions, by-laws, rules and regulations stated in the Condominium Bylaws and ETA Rules and Regulations, Part I & II. The Board follows a legal process for enforcing the by-laws, rules and regulations.

1st Violation Notice – Request compliance

2nd Violation Notice - Schedule a Hearing

3rd Violation Notice - Violation determined / Board actions and/or fine levied/court action


#4 What restrictions are there on the use of room spaces in my Unit?

The unit may only be used for single family residential purposes only, and the Common Elements shall be used only for purposes consistent with such use.  The Interior Limited Common elements of the Unit; specifically the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Loft in C-2 Units, Family Room in B-2 Units) and Basement are the only designated living spaces of the unit. 

The double car garage of the unit is restricted only for the parking of vehicles; and any remaining space shall be for the storage of outdoor furniture, equipment, and/or other supplies, materials, and personal property.


#5.   Where are persons with vehicles living in my Unit only allowed to park their vehicle(s)? What other vehicle restrictions are in effect?


Co-owners and persons living in the Unit with vehicles must park their vehicles in the garage or the driveway to the Unit .  Note:  Some driveways are too short to park a vehicle as an option, so vehicles must be parked in the garage.  Most units have four spaces dedicated for parking of vehicles - two spaces in the garage and two spaces in the driveway.  Vehicles must be parked entirely in the driveway and off the street.  Parked vehicles must not encroach on the neighbor’s limited commons driveway space by straddling the unit’s own driveway and the neighbor’s driveway

The designated use of the garage is only for the parking of vehicles; and any remaining space shall be for the storage of outdoor furniture, equipment, and/or other supplies, materials, and personal propertyIf at all possible co-owner vehicles should be parked in the garage and not in the driveway so not to present a parking lot appearance

Co-owners and persons with vehicles living in the Unit cannot park on the street or at the end of cul-de-sacs.  The end of the cul-de-sac is the back out space for vehicles exiting the driveway from the end unit or is reserved for short-term visitor parking of less than four hours.  Long term guests, health care providers, nannies and housekeepers are to park their vehicles in the driveway.   A $50.00 fine shall be levied against the Unit for any resident or visitor vehicle that is parked in the street or end of cul-de-sac preventing snow removal.

Vehicles of co-owners, tenants, or guests are not permitted to be parked in the Co-owner’s driveway if it is inoperative, unlicensed, has visible body damage, missing body parts (fender, bumper cover), rusted-through body, hub caps missing, unlicensed, with a vehicle cover, or not being used and is being stored outside for time  greater than one week. The only place that such vehicles are to be parked or stored is in the Co-owner’s garage.  Vehicles must be parked with front or rear of the vehicle to the garage door and not sideways or diagonally.

#6.  When are trash carts permitted to be placed by the curb and where must they stored?

Rubbish is usually collected on Monday.  Co-owners are to place trash containers and rubbish by the curb after 5:00 p.m. Sunday evening. Empty trash containers shall be removed from the curb and stored in the garage by midnight at the end of trash pickup day.  A $25.00 fine shall be levied against the unit for trash carts reported placed by the curb before 5:00 pm the day before trash collection day and/or trash carts left out by the curb following trash collection day and not stored in the garage.

Rubbish must conform to City of Dearborn trash collection policies. See attached ETA Bulletin. Pages 14-15.  Recycling is mandatory in Dearborn.  Recyclables will only be collected from the City-issued green recycling bin.


#7.  May you install a satellite dish?  Yes you may, BUT . . .

No resident shall install a satellite dish on General Commons Elements unless a request is submitted and approved in writing by the Architectural and Landscaping Committee and the Board of Directors. 


#8. Who is responsible for maintaining the landscaping in my rear Limited Common patio   

       area and landscaping planted along the side and front walls of my Unit?

Fairlane East Condominiums is not structured where all maintenance is the management’s responsibility.  Co-owners have a share of the responsibility. An image as a quality complex gets around and it takes effort to maintain it.

Landscaping located within the Co-owner’s designated front and rear Limited Commons, and attaches to the Unit’s exterior walls, is the resident’s’ responsibility to maintain.  Evergreen trees, shrubs, bushes and ornamental trees must be properly trimmed, shaped and topped to the allowable height.  See ETA Rules and Regulations, Part II – Landscaping Standards/Specifications

Flowers (Live plantings only) may be planted on the Limited Common area. Flowers may be planted in the ground, in planter pots or as hanging plants.  Artificial flowers are permitted for door wreaths only.


#9.  Are charcoal cooking grills, wood burning fire pits, and patio torches allowed?  NO

 Propane cooking grills and propane burning fire pits are only allowed. The cooking grill is permitted on drive way only when being used or the patio/deck/atrium area year around, and when not in use, it shall be stored against the wall with a black or brown cover.  The propane fire pit is allowed on the patio only located 10 feet from rear wall.


#10.  Are there restrictions on patio and deck furniture and equipment?

Patio and Deck furniture and seasonal equipment are permitted placed out between April 1st until November 1st.  All furniture and equipment must be removed and stored in garage from November 1st until April 1st.  EXCEPTIONS:  Covered cooking grills and very large planter pots may be left out year around.  


#11.  What attention do I have to give about storing items behind the garage windows?

 GARAGE WINDOWS.  Stored materials must be moved back from the garage windows so not to be clearly visible from outside creating an unfavorable appearance of the building; or approved garage window dressings must be installed in both windows to hide the stored materials.  If window dressings are installed, both windows must be covered for proper balance and uniformity of appearance. 

GARAGE INTERIOR WINDOW DRESSINGS permitted:    White vertical shirred fabric on upper/lower tension rods, white vertical blinds,  white horizontal blinds,  or white shades.  Installations NOT permitted:  Paper taped to window or tacked to window frame, fabric material loosely draped or hung behind the window,  adhesive type material applied to glass,  or colored fabric or material .


#12.  Does the Association take care of snow and ice removal?

  Snow Removal Procedure.  While it is recognized that condominium sales presentations indicate “maintenance free living,” when the shovel meets the cement, economic realities must be taken into consideration.  Retaining a full-time labor force for those occasions when there is a snowfall is not economically practical.  Obtaining such a labor force on short notice is not possible.  Whenever snow accumulation reaches 2 inches, snow removal begins.  In consideration of these factors, the following services are provided, and the priorities are in this order: (1) streets, (2) driveways, (3) steps, porches and walkways. 

Vehicles parked in the driveway following a snowfall.  Driveways with parked vehicles will not be touched, and even if the vehicle is moved, the contractor will not return and remove the snow until the next snow fall.  This is standard policy adhered by snow removal contractors due to liability issues.

A $50.00 fine shall be levied against the Unit for any resident or visitor vehicle that is parked in the street or end of cul-de-sac preventing the contractor from clearing the snow.

Ice Removal Procedure.  Sidewalks, steps, and porches are Limited Commons, which the Co-owner is responsible to maintain. The Co-owner must keep a supply of salt for when the snowfall is less than 2 inches or light-freezing rain occurs.  Some units are shaded and the ice does not melt readily.  You are opening yourself for a liability risk as well as the Association.  Remember, you jeopardize the safety of the mailperson and delivery people, let alone visitors when the sidewalk is not free of ice.  The snow removal contractor ONLY salts roads, driveways, sidewalks, steps and porches when the entire Complex is affected by ice. 

#13.  Are there pet restrictions?

 Pets are not allowed to run loose anywhere on condominium property at any time or be left tied up and unattended outside the condominium.  Pets must be walked on a leash at all times, and the pet owner must immediately clean up the pet’s fecal matter.

#14.  How is a owner kept informed what the Board is doing and how the Association fees are being spent?

Minutes are maintained of all Board meetings and are distributed to the Co-owners along with bulletins.

Annual budget is planned and approved every November along with schedule of maintenance fees for the coming year.  Each May the Annual Meeting of co-owners is held where the Board and Committee Chairpersons give summary reports of activities that took place the last twelve months.


#15.  Is the Clubhouse available for rent for a function?

The Fairlane East Clubhouse is available for rental at a moderate fee for residents. 


#16.  What are the requirements to use the Pool?

 The use of the Pool is free to co-owners and their guests (who must be with a co-owner while there) and are subject to posted regulations regarding use and conduct.  The pool is usually open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Co-owner can get a Pool tag which is available in the Leasing Office.  ID is required.


#17.  Who is responsible for the maintenance of your Limited Commons?

 Co-owner(s) are responsible for the proper maintenance of their Limited Commons to ensure there are no safety hazards or financial liability issues that impacts the Association; or conditions that project a poor appearance and maintenance perception of the unit and community. 


#18. Is an Owner permitted to make exterior alterations to their Unit?

The following changes are allowed in accordance with ETA Rules and Regulations, Part II, the Standards and Specifications for Architectural and Landscaping Alterations, and with written approval of the Board.

  • Installing a Satellite dish                                               
  • Replacing windows and sliding door walls                           
  • Replacing the front entry door, storm door, garage side entry door                         
  • Adding a retractable awning over patio sliding door wall
  • Replacing front sidewalk and/or porch                  
  • Replacing patio –concrete and paver brick           
  • Adding a deck                                                   
  • Adding a step handrail and porch railings
  • Adding a window type skylight
  • Adding roof /Attic exhaust Fan                                
  • Adding Glass block basement windows
  • Installing landscaping for the first time on Limited Commons


City of Dearborn Building Code requires a permit or compliance certificate for the following alterations/repairs.

Install brick pavers – sidewalk, patio,                                      Concrete Flatwork Permit

Replace concrete – sidewalk, patio                                          Concrete Flatwork Permit

Replace porch, front porch steps, patio door steps                   Porch, Porch Cap, Steps Permit

Constructing or repairing a deck                                               Deck Permit


INTERIOR UNIT ALTERATIONS (ETA Rules and Regulations. Part I, Pages 22 – 23)  Any modifications to the interior of the Unit that alters the original construction must meet City of Dearborn Residential Building Code requirements.  The co-owner or contractor must obtain the necessary building permits from the City of Dearborn if planning plumbing, heating, electrical, or building revisions

#19. May an owner  completely enclose his Limited Commons with a wood or steel cyclone fence?                        

No you may not. 

The only fences that may be requested for installation is a living fence of arborvitaes planted side by side OR

4ft ornamental wrought iron fence WITH arborvitaes planted side by side on the outside to hide the fence with exception of the gate..  Fence must meet specifications provided in ETA Rules and Regulations, Part II – Fences  Pages 60-61.

#20.  What forms of landscaping ground cover materials and accents are allowed?

 White marble stones as ground cover is NOT PERMITTED.

 Landscaping ground cover materials that are allowed:

  1. Cyprus Mulch
  2. Red Hardwood Mulch
  3. Walnut Mulch
  4. River Rock or Cobblestone
  5. Natural Rocks
  6. Red Mesita or Red Lava
  7. Black Mesita or Black Lava                                   

Landscaping accents – rear Limited Common patio area only

Small statutes, landscape accent statuary and lawn ornaments are permitted on the patio area only year-around.

Statues, landscape accent statuaries, and lawn ornaments are NOT PERMITTED in the area in front of the garage or on the open General Commons.


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